Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV)


The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey is a non-partisan, non-profit think tank based in Ankara, Turkey. TEPAV was established in 2004 as an independent research institute and is Turkey’s largest economic policy think-tank employing over 60 highly talented researchers and experts. TEPAV’s mission is to develop innovative policy strategies for private sector development within Turkey and the region. Its interdisciplinary approach focuses on fostering competitive business environment, improving regional development within Turkey and supporting international economic integration. TEPAV’s approach is to accomplish its mission through project based innovations by bringing together different players and experts for a common goal. TEPAV promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience between key actors in order to broaden the public debate on important policy challenges. TEPAV relies on the professionalism and analytical expertise of its in-house staff to provide data-driven policy recommendations for its governmental and private sector clients.  TEPAV works to bring together local actors, business leaders and key policy implementers, integrating grass-roots efforts with cutting-edge solutions to complex problems.


Sarp Kalkan

Kalkan, joined TEPAV in 2005. He carries out studies in the fields of industrial policy, employment policy, improvement of competitiveness, improvement of finance and capital markets, energy and environment policies  and impact assessment. Sarp Kalkan has contributed to the ‘Investment Climate Assessment Project’ and ‘Higher Education and Labor Market’ projects realized in cooperation with the World Bank. He studied on Impact Assessment projects carried out with the funding of the European Union concerning the impacts on Turkey of important regulations like Large Combustion Plan Directive and REACH Regulation and harmonization strategies as well as contributing to studies on the improvement of impact assessment capacity of Turkey. Kalkan participated as a reporter to the Industrial Policy studies conducted for State Planning Organization and to the Industrial Strategy studies conducted for Ministry of Industry and Commerce. He conducted research on consumption patterns, sector restructuring policies; network industries and the improvement of finance opportunities for firms. Sarp Kalkan also contributes to the studies of Permanent Expert Committee on the Improvement of Industrial Competitiveness (DÖİK). Kalkan is a member of TEPAV Global Crisis Study Group. In parallel with his studies and research at TEPAV, Kalkan is currently a PhD candidate in Finance program in Middle East Technical University. Sarp Kalkan holds a BS degree in Economics and MBA degree from Middle East Technical University. Kalkan studied on performance assessment of investment funds in Turkey in the MBA program. Kalkan is also currently a PhD candidate in Accounting and Finance in the Business Administration department in the same university.