Korea Development Institute is a leading economic think tank of Korea, and the first one of the kind, that has played a pivotal role in Korea’s successful economic and social progress. KDI was established in 1971 to support Korea’s sustained development with the requisite policy analysis, recommendations and guidance. Being an integral part of Korea’s development model now, KDI continues to make vital contributions to the formulation and implementation of key public policies over a comprehensive range of areas such as macroeconomic policy, banking and finance, fiscal policy, social security and welfare, labour, manpower, trade, law and economy, and the North Korean economy. Now envisioning itself as the “Visionary Frontier for The National Agenda”, KDI strives to set new targets and directions for Korea to achieve greater prosperity as a responsible member of the global community.

Wonhyuk Lim

Wonhyuk Lim is director of policy research at the Centre for International Development, Korea Development Institute. He has provided policy advice on the reform of Korea’s family-based business groups and state-owned enterprises, and has also written extensively on development issues and inter-Korean relations. He was a Brookings Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies fellow from 2005 to 2006. Previously, he taught at the Korea Military Academy and worked as a consultant for the World Bank and Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI). Dr. Lim also served as an advisor for the Presidential Committee on Northeast Asia and for the First Economic Subcommittee of the Presidential Transition Committee after the 2002 Election in Korea. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford.