The Coalition for Dialogue on Africa is a new, independent, international, African-owned forum that identifies and discusses issues of importance to Africa’s development within a global context. It is a think tank that advocates for the continent, brings together a range of stakeholders to promote dialogue and provides a platform for African voices to be heard. It is policy-oriented, and works in collaboration with other African and international organizations addressing issues of Africa’s security, peace, governance and development. CoDA places a premium on convening informal and inclusive dialogue on niche issues between diverse and influential groups of stakeholders (including government leaders, policy makers, civil society, the private sector and media) and advocating their recommendations effectively to influence policy. CoDA also aims to build strong partnerships and synergies with leading African research institutions with the objective of grounding its work on solid scientific findings. It aims to place particular attention on bridging the gap between the research and policy making communities in Africa.


Paul Martin

The Right Honourable Paul Martin was the twenty-first prime minister of Canada from 2003 to 2006, minister of finance from 1993 to 2002 and the Member of Parliament for LaSalle-Émard in Montreal, Quebec from 1988 to 2008. As minister of finance he erased Canada’s record deficit that had been built up over 25 years and virtually paid off Canada’s foreign debt — the highest of the G7 at that time. In September 1999, having initiated the concept, Mr. Martin was named the inaugural chair of the Finance Ministers’ G20, an international group of finance ministers and central bank governors composed of the G7 and emerging market nations. As prime minister he pushed strongly for its elevation to the leaders’ level, which subsequently occurred in 2008. Currently, Mr. Martin is the co-chair of a CAD$200 million dollar British-Norwegian poverty and sustainable development fund for the 10-nation Congo Basin Rainforest. He also sits on the advisory council of the Coalition for Dialogue on Africa. He is also a member of the IMF’s Western Hemisphere Regional Advisory Group.