China Institute of Contemporary International Relations is a comprehensive research institution for international studies. In compliance with the directive of the State Council to set up a series of new institutions for international studies, the predecessor, China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, announced its official establishment in 1980. In 2003, the Institute was renamed and upgraded to China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations. CICIR consists of 11 institutes, 2 research divisions under direct supervision of CICIR leaders, 8 research centers and several administrative departments, e.g. the President’s Office. CICIR has now a staff of 380, including researchers, administrative and logistic personnel, among whom 150 are research professors or associate research professors.



Qian Liwei

Mr. Qian Liwei is US representative and associate research fellow from China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR). He has a B.A. from University of International Relations and his M.A. from University of International Business and Economics. He was a visiting scholar at Sigur Center for Asian Studies of George Washington University from 2000-2001, and is currently a scholar in residence at the Center for Asian Studies of American University. He has written dozens of reports on U.S. politics and economy and Sino-American Relations for the Chinese government, his articles have also appeared in major academic journals as well as newspapers. He is frequently interviewed by China Central Television, China National Radio and China Radio International.